Mobile Web Directory Network

If you are a true digital nomad and working online, you probably know that the mobile web is going to be the next big iteration of the net. Another thought is that if you are involved with web marketing, or build websites, then you better learn about mobile marketing and how to build mobile websites.

SEO is also different for the mobile web versus the traditional web. One good place to start is by submitting sites to mobile directories, and many of these are still free to submit for now. You can submit your site for free in a new directory at, which also can be viewed as a lightweight version for mobile at or a dot Mobi version at This is a true network of related sites that should help with SEO, since the search engines have determined that they will be indexing mobile sites separately from traditional websites to avoid any perceived duplicate content issues. Google also has indicated that they will serve up a scaled-down version of regular websites on mobile devices to make download time more efficient.

The main website directory is equipped with the Google Translator tool, so even a website about "Schrumpfschlauch" can potentially be translated into over 50+ languages.

I was involved in building these directory sites and it is my first large project involving the mobile web. Part of this project also involves a blog that gets updated with news and info. You can read that at The Mobile Web Directory Blog. Leave comments or questions, too.